Tenerife Surf Shop For those who come to Tenerife without your surf gear, and those who want to try something different, we have over 200 surfboards and costumes for rent at the best prices.

You can choose between Shortboard, Funboard, Malibu, Retro Fish, LongBoard fiber or epoxy. If you want to start safely, we also have coated cork boards (softboards), for maximum security.

We have all sizes of gowns or shorts. Also to Body Board's practice we have of all sizes and brands, fins all sizes.Y if you want to rent more than one day have the chance to take the table without returning to the store every day and change as necessary.

Surf Board Rent
1/2 Day 12 €
1 Day 15 €
4 Days 50 €
1 Week 80 €
Rent Wetsuit, Bodyboard, Skate, Snorkel
1 Day wetsuit bodyboard12€ skateboard Snorkel
1 Week wetsuit30€ bodyboard70€ skateboard50€ Snorkel40€